Special Branded Socks

There are many types of socks all over the world and they come in diverse colors and styles including those that are called compression socks.A sock is some cloth that is worn on the feet and usually covers the ankle or part of the calf and over the socks is worn a shoe or boot.

In the ancient time the sock was made from leather but these days they are made from cotton as well as other material that is comfortable to the person wearing it.The socks are made by machines or hand knitted but there are companies that specialize in making custom designer, character socks, leg wear, which are branded and they also make hosiery which come in many funky colors and styles.

Most of the socks are made from various materials such as spandex or polypropylene, olefins, polyester, acrylic, nylon, wool and cotton all which are in diverse colours and they may be short or long.  Click for More

So as to make the socks to be more soft materials such as mohair, cashmere, linen, bamboo, and silk are used and the variety of colour is dependent on the designers wish.

There are all types of colors in socks and in many cases art is used on the socks so that they may look more appearing but some diverse color is used for socks that are for sports so that there is uniformity and this makes it possible to distinguish the players from the others.There are companies that make socks which are branded and they have special styles of making the socks and they do not come in one color but have mixed colors which make them to look very different from other kinds of socks.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashion

Some socks are made according to the wish of a customer and they may have brand names printed on them and others which are custom made may have the name of the person on them.

Branded socks are made with special material that may last long and many of the companies that make braded socks may prefer to have special and unique colours such as those that are used by footballers. Read more at yo-sox.com

The socks may also be made for special occasions and schools or colleges may have custom made socks with the school's names branded on them. Other many companies also make branded socks which have their brand names on them including special colors which other companies may not be allowed to use because of patenting laws.